We help companies deliver exceptional results by providing quality services

About Us

We at Passionate Staffing Solutions thoroughly understand the Recruitment Outsourcing Business. We aspire to exceed the expectations and serve our clients, the best quality admired by Clients across the globe.

Quantity of work do exist in the Outsourcing Sector but does quality prevails?
Yes, it does and that is what we set our eyes on. Being an Ahmedabad rooted firm solely established for providing worthy opportunities to the ones who deserve them, we tailor our services to the best of Client requirements as we believe in the concept of “under promising and over delivering” and the prosperity of our Clientele appears to be the face of our Organization.

To Create a Passionate India by setting forth the Deserving ones with Righteous opportunities!
To bestow the Recruitment Industry with a well-grounded, dedicated, and reliable Outsourcing Partner who has got a great understanding of the business inside out

Core Values



Passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to deliver better results to the clients.



We are committed to deliver quality results; we accept no excuse only results.



Integrity is the seed for achievement It is principle that never fails.



Honesty sharpens our perception and allow us to observe everything around us with clarity.



Transparency increases credibility and accountability.



Reliability is the precondition for trust. We win trust of our clients whilst working with them.



Without accountability we cannot grow nor can we ever improve ourselves.